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Magyar Pszichológiai Társaság
1064 Budapest, Izabella u. 46.
Postacím: 1241 Budapest, Pf. 50
Tel.: (+36) 1 461 4521
11991102-02102696-00000000 (ERSTE)
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The Hungarian Psychological Association

The Hungarian Psychological Association was founded in 1928, and is one of Hungary’s oldest scientific associations.


The Association aims at organizing and developing scientific life, education, research and application of psychology. Also, its mission is to inform its members about ongoing discussions, events and trends of their profession. The Association plays an active part in psychologist postgraduate education, in diffusion of psychological knowledge among laymen, as well as in developing and maintaining international relationships.


Membership can be acquired by any Hungarian citizen working on a psychological or related field, possessing an adequate qualification or pursuing such studies, accepting the basic regulation of the Association, and paying the annual dues. Two active members’ recommendation is needed for joining.

Regulation and operation

The Hungarian Psychological Association is a public benefit organisation, operating under the basic regulation accepted by the general assembly in 2008. Board members of the Association are the following: the President, the Chief secretary, the Deputy General secretary, the Secretaries (Scientific, Communicational, Legal and Lobby, International and Financial), Section and Division leaders. Further invited members to the Board, with a counselling role, are leaders of the permanent Committees.

Life within the Association

Members receive monthly newsletters, which inform them about current events, vacancies, new literature, tenders, and postgraduate educational opportunities. The Association releases its own scientific journal under the name of ‘Hungarian Psychological Glossary’ (Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle). The journal is released by the Akadémiai Kiadó (Academical Publishing House), and is cited by the international abstracts volume. The Association organises biannual conferences for its members, in order to create a forum for presenting scientific results and professional experience, as well as for exchanging opinions and best practices. The Association is proud to acknowledge personal achievement via the Ranschburg Honour Medal and the Association’s Honour Medal. The Association currently has 1850 active members. Beside psychologists, there are also several professionals working on neighbouring fields (such as psychiatry, sociology, pedagogy), and psychology major students.

Appendix: Sections, Divisions and Committees


  • Section of General and Personality Psychology

    Section of Prison Psychology

    Section of Health Psychology

    Section of Developmental Psychology

    Section of Special Educational Psychology

    Section of Disaster psychology

    Section of Clinical Child Psychology

    Section of Clinical Psychology

    Section of Environmental Psychology

    Section of Traffic and Driving Psychology

    Section of Criminal Psychology

    Section of Organizational and Work Psychology

    Section of Neuropsychology

    Section of Pedagogical Psychology

    Section of Educational Psychology

    Section of Positive Psychology

    Section of the History of Psychology

    Section of Sport Psychology

    Section of Social Psychology

    Section of Counseling Psychology

    Section of Psychology of Religion


  • Southern Hungary Division
  • Eastern Hungary Division
  • Junior Division
  • Defence and Law Enforcement Division


  • Editorial Board of ‘Hungarian Psychological Glossary’ (Magyar Pszichológiai Szemle)
  • Ethics Committee
  • Financial auditing Committee
  • Test Committee
  • Postgraduate education Committee
  • EU accreditation Committee
  • Psychologist Trust (right and interest protection)
  • Communicational and Fundraising Committee

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